Ideal Solution for a quick and easy packaging of small and medium products.

Semi Automatic Vacuum Chamber Machine, available as tabletop or wheeled frame models.
All machines are made in stainless steel frame with a smooth surface, rounded edge outside and inside for a nice look, easy to clean and maintain.
The chamber lid is transparent giving an easy look to the process.

The running is completely automatic; closing the top lid of the vacuum chamber the machine starts automatically performing the recipe programmed and recorded.
Nine automatic programs can be selected and stored by the electronic system; easy and friendly control panel allows to set up the process anyhow according to need.

The evacuation and gas flushing processes are pressure-controlled and thus guarantee a reproducible packing quality.
System for modified atmosphere (MAP) and available as an option.
A shelved trolley in stainless steel is available for tabletop models, suitable for storing machine parts or vacuum bags, otherwise frame models have movable wheels with brakes to fix the machine.

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