Herma wrap-around labeler 211




Benefits of the HERMA 211 at a glance

  • The spectrum of possible product diameters ranges from 20 to 120 mm
  • Fast retooling
  • Heart of the system is the high-performance HERMA 500 applicator
  • An additional basic drive unit from the HERMA 500 is used to drive the roller prism
  • No control box or PLC necessary
  • All necessary parameters can be easily set using the integrated operator display

All-around durability

The labeling of cylindrical products like pipes, tubes, glass bottles or ampules poses particular challenges for manufacturers or packaging service providers in terms of precision. The HERMA 211 semi-automatic labeling system is the perfect solution for such a task. Its exceptional durability makes it ideal for continuous duty and fulfills the most stringent requirements for labeling performance.

The product to be labeled is manually placed in a rotating roller prism and set in rotary motion. A pivot beak is lowered and rolls the label on with precise positioning. This ensures wrap-around application of the label with no misalignment. Then the product is removed by hand. The semi-automatic system is extremely easy to retool. The innovative HERMA 500 is used as the applicator. A variety of printers can be used to print expiration dates or batch numbers on the product .

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