Our EBS-6600 is the first model from the brand new Boltmark II-series. It’s an industrial single-head Ink-Jet printer designed for coding moving objects on a factory conveyor without requiring direct contact. It’s able to code from 0.8 mm up to a maximum of 14 mm height with a max. amount of up to 25 dots [depending on text profile].

As the first  one on the market, with our new “ACPS” we are capable to deal with a power failure in a new way. Up to 30 seconds the coder can print on after electricity is gone. If the power does not come back soon enough, the printer will clean itself and automatically shut down. This feature is available as an option.

IP55 – Protection of the housing against the ingress of water and dust allows to ensure the reliability of the coder for a long time. The printer’s keyboard and screen and all ports are resistant to chemicals and water jets from any direction.

Reliability, functionality and efficiency: EBS Boltmark II

The new generation of BOLTMARK ® II printers have increased in terms of performance, functionality and reliability. Our engineers have created a product that will not let you down, even under the toughest conditions, and will also work highly efficiently.

Extremely low power consumption (only 19 W) creates a new quality in the CIJ printer segment. With low consumption of consumables, the BOLTMARK®-II series printers take the lead in eco-friendly and economical marking equipment.

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