EBS-6800P is the name of our printer designed for pigmented inks. The printer is an industrial single-head inkjet printer designed for non-contact coding of moving objects on a factory conveyor belt with up to 500m/min (@ 5×5 matrix).

The special field of our EBS-6800 is the processing of pigmented inks. These have the advantage that they are extremely rich in contrast and are very good visible on a wide variety of surfaces.

IP44 or IP54 – Protection of the housing against the ingress of water and coarse dust allows to ensure the reliability of the printer for a long time. The printer’s keyboard and screen and all ports are protected against chemicals and water spray. (IP 54 optional available)

High contrast, high efficiency, low costs: EBS 6800P

Extremely high contrast can be useful in many applications. But nevertheless the printer has to be reliable and efficient over a long period and there shouldn’t be high follow-up costs.

Our EBS-6800P fulfills all of these requirements and includes even more useful features like the super fast maintenance feature or the 5,7″ LCD touch screen for easy handling.