Automatic pallet handling with autonomous mobile robots



In collaboration with Robotize , we have made it possible for you to optimise your internal logistics and workflow. Lift your workflow to an even higher level by allowing PALOMAT® AMR and Robotize to work together and release manpower for other valuable tasks. PALOMAT® AMR can collaborate with the GoPal 400 and GoPal E24 models, both of which are innovative Automated Mobile Robots that communicate via internal signal exchange.

With the help of an integrated interface, PALOMAT® AMR and Robotize can work safely together, on their own, between your employees. The pallet magazine automatically stacks and destacks the pallets on GoPal, which serves as a pallet buffer and docking station that is always automatically running. This allows you to create an internal logistics that is completely automated and secure.

PALOMAT® AMR, like the GoPal 400 and GoPal E24, is designed to fit into all industries, and together they ensure safe and simple pallet handling in production and inventory. With this strong and flexible collaboration, you are guaranteed a future-proof investment with PALOMAT® AMR.


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