Automatinis nerūdijančio plieno įrenginys



  • Corrosion-resistant ultrasonic sealing system with electronic self-calibration
  • High-end Standard 6 sealing system
  • Easy accessibility and tool-free disassembly of strap way components
  • Wear-free DC drives with integrated electronics
  • Stepless turnable operation panel for many-sided operation
  • Adjustable strap tension via potentiometer
  • Switching from maximum to material-friendly Eco-speed in the control
  • Quick strap coil change
  • Strap coil changeable from the front and the side
  • Automatic strap threading system
  • Strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap
  • Automatic strap loop ejection
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • 4 castors, 2 of them lockable (Ø 80 mm)
  • CE marking inclusive conformity declaration
  • Soft strapping selectable for sensitive packages
  • Machine completely corrosion-resistant (main use of
    V4A stainless steel)
  • IP 56 protection class design
  • Sensitive components (e.g. motors) are equipped with additional covers

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