REEPACK is one of leading manufacturer of FULLY AUTOMATIC tray-sealers machine. Our target is to meet Customer requirements with regard to tray quality and product to load. 

We propose more than 12 models, either as a stand-alone machine or as part of a fully automated packaging line.An extensive range of fully automatic heat-sealing machines offering throughputs from 3 up to 240 packs per minute. All machines in our range are capable of a single sealing, Modified atmosphere (MAP) and Vacuum Skin pack (VSP). The packages are made by sealing top film and pre-formed tray together in a special sealing die. Different kinds of material are suitable for different purposes as PP, PE, PS, C-PET, A-PET, EPP, EPET, Cardboard, Alu etc.

Automatic tray-sealers can be equipped with various modules and devices, as for:

  • tray loading and unloading conveyors belt,
  • automatic denester for trays,
  • snap-on lid device,
  • automatic product feeders,
  • measuring device,
  • labeller and coders,

The REEPACK range includes tray-sealers which are equipped with 2 different tray transport systems as pushing Rods or Grippers and 3 classes of productivity: small, medium and high performance.

Most of the REEPACK fully automatic machines operate only with electric source (Eco-line) excluding any pneumatic support. Electrically operated is an ideal system where mobility, servicing and energy saving is a top priority.

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