Semiautomatic carton sealer with manual adjustment for top and bottom sealing of uniform American-type box size batches with adhesive tape

The machine can be used by unskilled operators as it requires very easy adjustment operations.The operator squares the boxes folding the bottom flaps, fills the boxes, folds the top flaps and insert them into the machine.While the boxes pass through the machine the top and bottom flaps will be sealed simultaneously by the taping heads. The boxes are fed by side belts, driven by a single motor ensuring a smooth carton transport.This solution grants a perfect uniform box sliding, aligning of the flaps and an optimum sealing, through the performant TU taping heads.

Combined with infeed and outfeed conveyors, represents a simple, fast and userfriendly packaging station.

  • Machine table made of free metal rollers
  • 2 columns frame, 1 with screw, to symmetrically move top taping head
  • 4 side pressure rollers (2 + 2) to keep the box top flaps closed
  • Special system to lock the top taping head frame in the upper position to facilitate bottom tape reel replacement
  • 2 taping heads (top & bottom) tape 50mm for GT50 – TU3 for tape 75mm for GT65 & GT80
  • Start & Stop button with Stop emergency button in ergonomic & easy to reach position

More details here.