The electric piston pumps of the
tim®ECO series have been especially developed for larger paint supply systems. In addition to a small, compact design, which allows integrating the pumps without significant effort, especially in retrofit projects, the pumps of the series also provide many other benefits.
• Low-shear material flow that increases the service life of the medium.
• Continuous lubricators, which ensure permanent lubrication of the bearings.

• Matched piston drive kinematics ensure a uniform media flow.
• Vertically arranged pistons, which ensure a uniform load on the piston seals and thus better service life.
• Short piping lengths resulting in lower paint filling volumes and thus less wetted surfaces, better rinsing capability and lower fluid consumption (paints,
varnishes, solvents, etc.).

These variants are delivered with an intelligent IoT-enabled sensor, which allows real-time testing of the stroke signals via a customer PLC. With connection of our tim®IOT smartbox we enable many useful new features that increase profitability, process reliability and facilitate preventive maintenance. Simply integrate our tim®IOT smartbox in your system and benefit from these advantages.

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