132M HC: Uncompromisingly fast and reliably effective

  • Primarily designed for round pharmaceutical products, such as glass vials and the corresponding high batch sizes in the healthcare industry
  • Wrap-around labeler 132M HC for healthcare products with a high-speed output of up to 400 products per minute
  • High labeling speed with extreme precision thanks to the new HERMA 500, our high-performance applicator
  • It is completely equipped for all healthcare tasks, including a selection of various printing and control systems, an patented automatic label return with cross check, as well as one of several possible product reject stations
  • New innovative HERMA rotary tables, electronic position indicators and format sets that can be exchanged without tools for fast format changes ensure maximum overall equipment effectiveness
  • The 132M HC can be easily configured for numerous industry applications – even without printers and control systems in the version 132M
  • Optionally available with the clocked starwheel in the version 040M HC that is exactly aligning the labels with a salient product feature

More information here.