Compact, precise and cost efficient

Businesses often face a difficult decision: If the dimensions of your products are ordinary, can you get by with an inexpensive and compact standard system with little scope for expansion? Or does the application require a more complex and expansive custom machine with longer lead times because you need to integrate various printing and control systems? The HERMA 152E wrap-around labeling system offers you the best of both worlds. Despite its compact size, the system covers a wide range of possible product dimensions.

In addition to its applications in the pharmaceutical industry, the HERMA 152E is a do-it-all machine for a wide range of industries. With the 152E you get a complete package with superior performance for labeling all sorts of cylindrical products, for instance vials, bottles, canisters and cans.

Flexible options for additional equipment

It can, for instance, be outfitted with all the necessary equipment for pharmaceutical labeling and production from the outset.. This includes modules for variable data printing, modules for monitoring that codes are properly printed or labels are present, and modules for rejecting products that do not meet these requirements. With the 152E, unsuitable products are rejected extremely gently and without stopping the machine. This is accomplished using a transparent, lockable box. This equipment version makes the labeling machine suitable for serialization tasks.

Application belt and roller prism

The HERMA 152E is available in two versions: The version with the label application belt (HERMA 152E B) does not require any format sets. This means both extremely short setup times and impressive performance of up to 100 products per minute. The version with the roller prism (HERMA 152E P) achieves even higher precision by using a newly developed three-point prism. This version of the machine can process about 90 products per minute. When changing the format, you only have to replace individual format parts. As with all HERMA labeling machines, no tools are required to change the format.
Benefits of the HERMA 152E at a glance

  • Compact, powerful and easy to use
  • The possible product sizes range from diameters of 1.27 cm to 10.16 cm (0.5″ to 4 “)
  • Easy integration of printer and camera systems from different manufacturers
  • Both standard versions of the HERMA 152E are available with exceptionally short delivery times
  • The heart of the system is the high-performance and extremely reliable HERMA 400 applicator – quite possibly the best-selling applicator in the world
  • Allen-Bradley or Siemens controller – the HERMA 152E is available in both versions

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