Powerful and sturdy side labeling system

  • The 362E two-sided labeling machine lets you label up to 200 products per minute
  • Fast, durable, compact & excellent price-performance ratio
  • A multitude of optional extras are available, and the machine can be fitted with a PLC controller with a very clear and easy-to-configure operator panel
  • Two high-performance applicators ensure a high output, even during continuous operation
  • The design means that no guards are required, which saves space
  • However, the enclosed stainless-steel base makes the labeling machine extremely stable
  • Handwheels with digital position indicators let you reproduce your optimum settings at all times
  • The labeling machine can be converted for wrap-around labeling in no time flat
  • The missing label check and product ejection features make the 362E fit for particularly demanding tasks

The 362E can flex its muscles in the tightest of spaces

Looking for high output but low on space? Then the 362E is the right machine for you. It provides the best of both worlds. The machine is versatile, extremely durable and as reliable at aligning and stabilizing products as its high-end sister from the 362M, but as compact as an entry-level model from the 362C. Its extremely short setup times and excellent price-to-performance ratio make it a firm favorite for a variety of tasks.

Best results & useful options

  1. Two high-performance applicators ensure high throughput – even during continuous operation.
  2. The machine’s design requires no protective housing, thereby saving space. Thanks to its closed stainless steel base the labeling machine is extremely stable.
  3. Handwheels with digital position indicators enable users to replicate optimal settings at any time.
  4. The machine can be converted to wrap-around labeling in little time.
  5. Featuring a label presence check and a product reject station the 362E qualifies for especially demanding tasks.
  6. A control panel including PLC control with intuitive user guidance ensures ease of use.

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