• Semi-automatic top labeling designed for a wide variety of formats on both flat and curved surfaces
  • For label dimensions of up to 100 mm in length and 160 mm in width
  • The heart of the system is the powerful HERMA 500
  • Entire machine is controlled by the HERMA 500’s basic drive unit
  • All necessary parameters can be conveniently set on the integrated operator display
  • Can be adjusted to different product diameters in no time at all
  • No control box or PLC required

Precise labeling on any surface

Optimal results with exceptional flexibility: That’s the promise of the HERMA 414 semi-automatic unit. This extremely compact, sturdy top labeler labels products in a wide variety of shapes safely in the appropriate product holder. Whether the surface to be labeled is flat or curved, this top labeling system provides optimal results. The HERMA 414 can even apply labels to raised areas or in indentations.

The products are manually loaded in the appropriate product holder and then removed after the labeling process. The patented movable peel plate guarantees absolute precision and ensures that the label is dispensed onto the tamp pad of the linear transfer unit with accuracy down to the millimeter. This ensures that the label is precisely applied, especially for labels or products with unusual shapes. The system helps you achieve cost-effective labeling for even small batches. The innovative and high-performance HERMA 500 is built in as the applicator.

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