Hot melt case sealers



Automatic hot melt case sealers with manual adjustment with flap-closer for the automatic folding of the 4 top flaps of American type boxes and the simultaneous gluing of the top and bottom flaps.
The machine is adjusted by means of handles with position indicators on the different box sizes to be taped. The filled boxes arrive either from motorized lines with the lower folded flaps and the open and vertical upper flaps, or an operator positions the cartons on a roller conveyor at the entrance in front of a DCA50F centering station, folds the lower flaps, fills the box and then fold the upper front and rear flaps and send the box to the sealer. During the passage through the machine the upper close-flaps device is activated and the upper flaps are sprayed with the glue. At the same time the lower longitudinal layers are slightly open, sprayed with glue and folded.

  • Machine table made of free metal rollers.
  • 2 columns with one screw each to symmetrically move top taping head & flap folder.
  • Safety transparent protections with unique coding RFID to cut electricity and pneumatics when the doors are open (CE certified).
  • Control panel with PACBRO electronic card to control the gluing working cycle and machines connected before or after the Goldtape 50 B-HM with visual alarm.
  • bumping system for oversized (width) boxes.
  • The machine is ready to be equipped with 1 or 2 hot melt adhesive applicator guns.
  • 4 side pressure rollers (2 + 2) to keep the box top flaps closed.
  • Automatic – pneumatic device for closing the upper flaps.
  • Machine is commissioned in our facility with the Customer’s melter (or supplied by us according to the choice of the Customer) and supplied ready for use by simply connecting the melter
  • an independent support cart is included in the machine supply

More details here.