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    Automatic turntable wrapper

    PMA is a high performance wrapping machine, specially designed for those situations where high throughput is required and installation space is limited.

    This inline wrapping machine has been developed in accordance with the latest technical standards for mechanical, electrical and software design. The standard SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC with incorporated profinet, ensures that this machine will easily be integrated with your packaging line.

    The combination of low maintenance costs and easy installation ensure this machine is an inexpensive solution for any industrial stretch wrapping requirement.

    Technical Characteristics

    Wrapping programs model MYTHO A:

    5,7″ TOUCH screen operating panel with 7 Programs

    Turntable diameter:

    2000 mm (Pallets 1000 x 1200 mm)

    Optional turntables:

    2150 / 2300 / 2700 & 2800 mm

    Turntable Maximum loading weight:

    2000 Kg

    Adjustable turntable rotation speed facilitated by frequency changer:

    From 5 to 15 rpm *

    Soft stop / start facilitated by frequency changer:


    Precise turntable phase stopping at cycle end:


    Carriage braking system:

    FE (FTL = Magnetic brake force to load)

    Standard Wrapping height:

    2400 mm

    Optional wrapping height:

    Photocell detection of load height:


    Adjustable Spool carriage speed facilitated by inverter:

    From 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min

    Upwards Spool carriage speed:

    Independently settable

    Downwards Spool carriage speed:

    Independently settable

    Standard conveing transport height:

    From 450 up to 550mm

    Total installed power:

    5 Kw

    Standard voltage:

    400 V – 50/60 Hz – 3 Ph + N + T

    Electrical and motor protection system:

    IP 54

    Pneumatic pressure:

    6 bar

    Output capacity:

    45 Pallets per Hours **

    * Depending on configuration

    ** Depending on film quality and working environment:

    Wrapping conditions and pallet dimensions have an influence on the Max output capacity


    Stretch film specifications

    Recommended Stretch-film thickness

    From 10 to 30 µm


    Available options

    Different transport heights


    Available for OEM / LINE Builders


    Infeed / Outfeed conveying systems


    Top pressure plate round / rectangular


    Power Pre-Stretch One Motor PRS

    X (Inlcuded gears 150% / 200% / 250%)

    Power Pre-Stretch Two Motors PS


    Roping system