Semi- automatic self-dimensioning carton sealers for top and bottom sealing of american type boxes

The operator squares the boxes folding the bottom flaps, positions them on the in-feed conveyor which incorporates the box centering/holding unit, fills the boxes, folds the top flaps and inserts them into the machine, that adjusts itself on the different box sizes automatically. While the boxes pass through the machine the top and bottom flaps will be sealed simultaneously by the taping heads.

  • The machine incorporates the in-feed free roller conveyor, including the box centering unit
  • Machine table made of driving belts and metal plates
  • Two columns frame with one piston each to move top taping head symmetrically
  • Safety protections according to the Safety Standards in force (CE certified)
  • Top frame descent limit through a limit switch to speed the machine working cycle up.
  • 2 standard taping heads (top & bottom) TU2 for tape 50 mm width (GT34 R) TU3 for tape 75 mm witdth (GT346 R) from 25 mm to 50 mm width taping heads on request
  • Start & Stop button with Stop emergency button in ergonomic & easy to reach position

More details here.