Top & bottom labeler Herma 652C



  • A variety of optional modules for any labeling task
  • Equipped with the HERMA 500
  • Top and bottom labeling in one cycle
  • Easy to integrate into any kind of production line
  • Extremely efficient and highly productive
  • Space-saving, compact and hugely versatile
  • Also suitable for top or bottom labeling only

The 652C makes no compromises

Top and bottom labeling in one cycle – that is what makes the 652C so particularly efficient and productive. It retains all the benefits of top and bottom labeling machines, but remains compact and highly flexible when used with two HERMA 500 units. It delivers the best labeling results and can also be used to provide top or bottom labeling only if necessary. The 652C sets new benchmarks in quality, precision and efficiency, and can also be customized based on our modular system. Naturally, it can also be adjusted to different product formats with ease.


1. Ultimate performance thanks to the HERMA 500

The new HERMA 500 gives you peak performance in every regard. Innovative touchscreen menu navigation and cutting-edge interfaces tailored to Industry 4.0 are just some of the highlights of this pioneering technology.

2. Precision label scanning

The FS03 with automatic label detection scans the last label on the dispensing beak to guarantee maximum precision

3. Shortest delivery times

Thanks to their modular design, the labeling machines can be delivered in the shortest of times

4. Flexible installation locations

All the models can be supplied as mobile versions, allowing you to position the machine wherever it is currently required

5. Printing variable data

It is also easy to integrate a hot-foil printer for printing variable data

6. Adapted to your requirements

The machines can be supplied with a variety of conveyor belt dimensions, which means they can be configured for a huge range of applications

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