Label applicator



What are applicators?

Applicators, also known as labeling units, are the core component of labeling machines and systems for the industrial labeling of products. They are used to dispense and apply self-adhesive labels in many different fields. When labeling products, the label web is transferred to a dispensing beak, which removes each individual label from the backing paper and transfers it to the target product with the utmost precision, ensuring that it is applied to the product with pinpoint accuracy when it is dispensed.

The remaining blank backing paper is automatically wound up. An applicator may have a mechanical or a motorized winder and unwinder, depending on the necessary labeling performance and specific requirements. You can adapt your labeling system for your specific purposes. Motorized winders enable our HERMA 500 to achieve a high-speed performance of 200 meters per minute, which means it can reliably apply 2000 adhesive labels per minute in line with the speed of production.

The drive is located in the applicator’s base unit. In addition to labeling units that apply the label directly to the product, there are also applicators in which the dispensed label is removed and applied to the product manually. We have a separate category for these label dispensers. Our fully automatic applicators are the core component of all labeling machines and provide the labeling technology for our fully automatic labeling systems and semi-automatic units. They are of course also used in our custom machines and offer the ideal solution for labeling a wide range of products.

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