Packstera specializes in selecting and adapting the necessary devices according to the customer's needs, performs their installation, and specializes in automation solutions. Our goal is to provide reliable equipment and a pleasant experience during the entire period of cooperation.

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The main ones are supplied equipment categories

• Equipment for primary product packaging (wrapping/packing in film, vacuum packaging, vertical and horizontal packaging, thermoforming)
• Box forming machines (box folding device, box sealing)
• Packaging for transportation devices (horizontal/vertical wrapping with stretch film, binding with PP/PET tapes, battery-operated tape binders)
• Quality and weight control devices (x-ray, metal detectors, weight control, magnets, optical product control)
• Labeling/printing equipment (high resolution, large print, thermal transfer, labeling, mobile printers)
• Product transfer/transport facilities (vacuum lifting systems, conveyors, palletizing solutions, magnets)
• Industrial robots (putting - picking, palletizing, welding, painting, etc.)

We provide service for all equipment. (We carry out warranty and post-warranty device servicing, maintenance and repair work.)

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