Number of nozzles 16
Nozzle diameter 150 µm (optionally 120 µm, 170 µm, 200 µm)
Print height 7 mm (0.28 in.) - 27 mm (1.06 in.)
Optimal product height > 35 mm (1.38 inches)
Memory for printable records 10, optionally 30
Connectors Bluetooth; USB
feed High performance 3-cell lithium-ion battery
Operating time with a full battery Up to 50 hours of continuous printing at +20°C (68°F); automatic low battery alarm
Charging Charger DC 24V/1A; charging time approx. 150 minutes or less
Weight 990 g
Cartridge volume 110 ml, capacity > 110,000 characters (matrix 7×5) or 18,000 characters (matrix 16×10)
Working pressure 0.3 bar to 0.4 bar with internal mini compressor
Operating ambient temperature From +0.5°C (33°F) to +40°C (104°F)
Ambient storage temperature +1°C (34°F) to +45°C (113°F) for a water-based printer; -10°C (14°F) to +45°C (113°F) for printer with acetone or ethanol ink.
Moisture Max. 95% without condensate
Graphics (logo, special visual symbol) Standard texts and graphic characters can be archived using WindowsTM-Fonts (True Type emulation). Custom icons and logos can be created with a graphic editor (16×80 pixels) or via a .bmp file (16×200 pixels, black and white).
Special features Date, Time, Expiration, Increment and Decrement Counter, Universal Counter
Printer properties Wireless connection (distance up to 50 m); Word and parameter processing software compatible with WindowsTM 7-10; Wireless network of up to 20 printers controlled from one computer;
Encoder The print output is regulated by an encoder on the lower guide wheel
Ink Available in easily replaceable cartridges, various color inks based on ethanol, acetone, MEK or water; One ink, per device; Changing the ink type is not recommended.