Installation location In the product supply pipe system
Utilization For bulk products
Direction of movement of the product Vertical
Magnets installed Neodymium magnets N35
Max. magnetic induction on the surface of the tubes (+/-10%) 10,700 gauss (option 12,200 gauss with N52 magnets)
Max. magnetic induction in the core (+/-10%) 17,000 gauss (option 18,700 gauss with N52 magnets)
Max. performance From 4 to 15 years3/h (depending on model and product)
Weight From 17 to 40 kg (depending on the model)
Diameter of connecting pipes From 100 to 300 mm (depending on the model)
Connection type EN 1092-1 flanges or Jacob flanges
The smallest metal particles that can be separated 0.03 mm
Max. Operating temperature 80 ohC
Min. Ambient temperature -25 ohC
Max. ambient temperature 45 ohC
Gasket material Silicone
Ability to separate paramagnetic particles Yes
Method of cleaning Manual cleaning, product flow must be stopped
Outer diameter of magnetic tubes 32 mm
Diameter of core magnets 29 mm
Number of magnetic tubes From 3 to 9 pieces (depending on the model)
Housing material in contact with the product Stainless steel AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301)
Standard surface treatment Sandblasted (Ra 1.6 µm)
Other surface treatments are available Polished, nickel-plated, plastic-coated, rubberized