Technical characteristics:

Packaging programs model PSM: 11-inch control panel TOUCH with 6 programs

Package programs model PSM: 11-inch control panel TOUCH with 99 programs

Minimum pallet dimensions: 650 x 400 mm

Maximum pallet dimensions: The pallet size can be programmed in the control panel

Adjustable speed: Max 65 m/min

Trolley brake system: FM

Standard wrapping height: 2200 mm

Optional wrapping height: 2400 / 2700 / 3000 / 3500 mm

Load height detection by photocell

Adjustable film transport speed: from 1.3 to 5.4 m/min.

Film advance speed: Independently set

Film carriage down speed: Independently set

Total power: 0.55 Kw

High frequency built-in battery charger: 230 V - 50/60 Hz

Standard charging voltage: 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 1 Ph

Operating voltage: 24 V

Electronics and motor protection system: IP 20

Capacity: 35 pallets per hour**

*Depends on configuration

**Depends on film quality and working environment: wrapping conditions and pallet dimensions affect maximum performance

Stretch film specifications:

Recommended thickness of stretch film: 10 to 23 µm

Available accessories:

  • Magnetic braking system FE: (FTL = magnetic load braking force)
  • Power Pre-Stretch One Motor PRS (film pre-stretch function 150 % / 200 % / 250 %)
  • Power Pre-Stretch Two Motors PS
  • "Roping" function, the film is twisted into a rope, which strengthens the palette more strongly
  • Precise stop at end of cycle (with Geo Kompass)