X-ray source 2 – 5 x-ray generator (depending on width) with max. 80kV (480W), alternating voltage + current
Radiation leakage 3 µSv/h or less at 10 cm from cabinet surfaces using all safety devices
Safety Special product tunnel, magnetic safety switches at doors and tunnel hatches, emergency stop button, emergency stop input/output interfaces with production line safety circuits, x-ray kill switch
X-ray image 2 - 5 rays from top to bottom
Cooling Very efficient, quiet DC fans/optional air conditioning
Body The S235 class steel frame is powder-coated, the covers are aluminum
security class IP50 (according to IEC 60529), IP54 - control cabinet and display
Conveyor type (Available by customer)
Band width (Available by customer)
Scan height 90 mm
Scan width 1400 - 3200 mm
Scan speed Depending on the product, up to 0.4 m/s
Maximum dimensions of the product width x height: 1400-3200 × 90 mm
Product memory 255 different product setups
Screen 17-inch color TFT touch screen
Inspection functions Auto-calibration, auto-adjust for density unevenness, density, sharp contrast, soft contrast, masking technology, Super Contrast, Size Filter, Auto Edge masking, auto save/load of images, multi-segment inspection, inspection in metal cans and metallized packages, fill amount, generator power by product, password protection
Inputs / outputs Programmable outputs (detection, ready, emergency shutdown), Programmable inputs (emergency shutdown, excitation, selectable control signals)
Data Transfer and Reporting Ethernet for remote support over the Internet, USB for external keyboard/mouse/memory card
Weight 2.4 - 4.2 tons
feed 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, max. 2.0 - 3.5 kW
Environmental conditions from 0°C to +30°C, with a relative humidity of no more than 90%, non-condensing. Optional: additional external cooling units to extend the temperature range
Compliance CE, complies with EU X-ray regulations
X-ray detector low noise 816 mm linear scan CCD, resolution 0.8 mm