Volumetric Cup Filling Machine is ideal for packing sugar, granular coffee, golde coffee, rice, salt, nuts, Lentils, bulgur, legumes, hazelnuts, peanut, seeds, and other kinds of granular products. The volumetric machine is extremely suitable for small granular and for free flowing products. Turpack offers solutions for vertical filling machines in many required sectors. We produce vertical volumetric filling machines which is an ideal machine for small grain fluid products.

With our Vertical volumetric cup filling machine you can pack your rice, sugar, coffee granules, sugar, beans, wheat, grain products, also small granular products such as dried fruits, nuts can be packed smoothly and quickly. The products volumetric weight is calculated by the cups. Weight is extremely sensitive. Each cup provides the same amount of product. The volumetric cups volume can be adjusted from product to product. Thus, customers can pack their products in different weights required. This provides flexibility filling for the customer. This machine is fast and rapid. It is capable of packing up to 50 packets per minute.

Our volumetric cup filling machine can operate up to 50 bags/min, perfect for packaging pasta, sugar and rice in bags that can be between 60mm – 250mm in width & with a length of 60mm to 350mm. Products like rice and grains packed in perfect quad seal bags can be filled between 20gr and 2.500gr packets. Regardless of what product you need to pack and the bag style required TURPACK has the VFFS packaging machine to fit your specifications.

VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) Machines for Multiple Purpose

TURPACK the leading manufacturer of Vertical form fill seal machines is the ideal packaging equipment for a variety of industries. Our high speed VFFS packaging machines equipment fits multiple purposes such as, liquid filling, powder filling and larger products classed as Granule. TURPACK VFFS machines can present beautiful pillow bag which is classed as 3 side sealing. Adding additional features add to the machine will provide, flat bottom (Gusset packet) and flat top+bottom (Cubic packet) is one of the lines TURPACK VFFS bagging machines is most convenient for.

Optional features provided for this machine is the date printing system, conveyor belt and the automatic filling system can be added to the machine as a option aswell. The automatic filling of products to the machines hopper is achieved by elevator they work in coordination. For example when the product inside the machines top hopper is full and reaches a certain level, the equiped sensors will send a signal to the elevator and commands the elevator to stop the automatic feeding, once the product falls below the adjusted level the machine sends the signal back to the elevator and commands the elevator to start to feeding again. Automatic filling, is an automated system which works completely independent and requires no help from the workers.

SIEMENS PLC, FESTO pneumatic, Allen Bradley electronic components, we use first-class materials such as SICK sensors. Our machines are manufactured entirely from stainless steel and comes with a guarantee of 2 years. Installation and operation training are provided to all customers by TURPACK. Our machines are CE certified. Turpack is a company certified with ISO 9001 aswell. Our 10 years of experience in this sector and exportation of our machines to more then 50 countries will always continue and will make TURPACK strive to produce more modern and high quality machines for a long time.

Why TURPACK supplies the best VFFS Machines?

Using the latest technology and also to have the ability to install the VFFS machine with additional equipment, TURPACK offers a wide range of flexibility packaging. Fast, durable, easy to operate and dynamic construction TURPACK is sure that the volumetric cup filling machine will help support and increase your business profits with the flexibility to pack multiple products on a single lane machine, don’t forget TURPACK has the best packaging machines to meet and exceed your expectations.

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