MOSCA Fully automatic corrugated cardboard binding equipment

Our client is an innovative company whose activity is related to the production of large quantities of corrugated cardboard packaging. In order to increase the efficiency of its production and reduce the consumption of time and resources, the client turned to us with the task of finding an optimal solution. After detailed analysis and discussions with the client, we decided that MOSCOW UATRI-2XT fully automatic tying equipment meets the customer's needs best.

MOSCOW the equipment is characterized not only by a high level of technology, but also by reliability and flexibility, which allows it to be adapted to various production processes. Our team took care of not only the delivery and installation of the equipment, but also the personalized training of the customer so that he can take full advantage of all the tools and functions.

main MOSCOW UATRI-2XT Advantages of the binding device:

  • Up to 30 knots per minute, one or two knots at a time
  • There are two tape dispensers per binding head for continuous work
  • Automatic adaptation of the device to the dimensions of the package
  • 6-sided electromechanical leveling of packages
  • Thermostat controlled heat seal unit

The result of this collaboration not only satisfied the client's needs for increasing production efficiency, but also gave him the opportunity to expand his business and compete in the market more successfully than ever before.

"This project was very important for our company and we are very pleased that we chose to work with you. MOSCA equipment exceeded our expectations in terms of efficiency and quality. This is a great step forward for the development of our business."

Customer feedback

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