Pilnai automatinis horizontalaus rišimo





Fully Automatic Horizontal Strapping Machine


  • Can be integrated into most production lines
  • Ultrasonic sealing system with electronic self-calibration
  • High sealing tension due to a minimum distance from package to sealing unit
  • Programmable control with panel inclusive manual control with functional sequence of strapping control
  • Potential-free contacts to upstream and downstream equipment
  • Infinitely adjustable strap tension via touch panel
  • Plastic strap guidance – low-wear, controlled strap path
  • Automatic strap loop ejection when machine cycles without bundle
  • Stroke of strap guide frame via belt drive
  • Automatic strap threading
  • Strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap
  • Wear-free DC drive, brushless motor technology
  • 10 freely configurable programs with up to 10 strapping positions

Technical details

Up to 180 packages/h; threefold strapped (option High Speed)
The number of parallel strappings depends on several factors, for example conveyor speed, product diameter,
selected strapping program as well as options/adjustments, etc.

* High speed frame movement (vertical) 1 m/s (optional)
* High speed frame movement (vertical + horizontal) 1 m/s or 0.35 m/s (optional)

Frame Sizes: [W x H]

Frame Sizes (mm)            Package Sizes (mm)
L        W                                L       W
1000 x 1000                    max. 800 x 800
1000 x 1400                    max. 800 x 1200
1400 x 1000                    max. 1200 x 800
1400 x 1400                    max. 1200 x 1200
Height incl. pallet:             min. 200 mm
max. 2300 mm

Standard machine grade 5 to 12 mm wide PP straps
(optional) 9.5 x 0.54 mm to 12 x 0.54 mm wide PET straps
The machine is adjusted to one of the mentioned strap widths.

Strap coil dispenser:
Core diameter: 200 mm (optional 406 mm PET)
Core width: 190 mm (optional 150 mm PET)

Voltage: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 PH
16 A CEE plug
Power consumption: 3.5 kW