The 362C can be retooled in no time at all

  • Compact and stable labeling machine that works virtually without format parts and yet covers a very wide range of product formats
  • Flexible, quick and easy to retool for precise side labeling
  • High efficiency combined with low investment costs
  • Two high-performance applicators ensure a high output, even during continuous operation
  • The 362C two-sided labeler allows you to label up to 200 products per minute
  • Its compact design makes it suitable even for difficult installation situations
  • The machine can be converted for wrap-around labeling in no time at all
  • Entry-level variant in the C (Compact) series – for further options and extras, take a look at our E (Economy) and M (Master) series as well

Do format changes still take up too much of your time?

The compact machine for two-side labeling operates largely without format parts, allowing for quick and easy changeovers to different product formats. Two highperformance applicators with a pivot peel plate deliver performance and precision. And labeling speed is not only one of the 362C’s defining characteristics – thanks to its modular design, delivery is also especially fast. If required, it can also easily be converted to wrap-around labeling, giving users even more application options.

Best results & useful options

  1. Thanks to the high-performance applicators of HERMA the 362C has sufficient reserve capacities while going easy on the investment budget.
  2. With a very compact design it is well-suited even for difficult assembly situations.
  3. Despite largely requiring no format parts it covers a very wide spectrum of product formats.
  4. The machine can be converted to wrap-around labeling in little time.
  5. Hot-foil or thermal transfer printers can be easily integrated in order to print variable data.
  6. The conveyor is available with a belt or slats, length 2,160, 2,660 or 3,160 mm.

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