Our filling and capping machines from the Nero-Pack line fill and cap prefabricated stand-up pouches (flat pouches, zip-lock pouches, zipper pouches). Our machine is the cost-effective entry level alternative to complex linear filling machines or rotary machines. It reaches cycle times of up to 12 pieces per minute. The stand-up pouches are directly transported via the bag magazine and are filled and capped, all in one machine. The horizontal filling and capping machine, rotating on 8 stations, fills and caps the Doypack stand-up pouches with cycle times of up to 40 pieces per minute. The compact design of the carousel type machines is space-saving and can be flexibly adjusted to different bag widths. Without time-consuming set-up times, the carousel type machine DPM-line is the cost-effective alternative to complex linear filling machines. The stand-up pouches are transported via a bag magazine and are filled and capped in 8 workstations.