With the vertical band sealers from tbs-pack sealing bags horizontally or vertically is made easy. The machines reliably seal almost all materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene and various composite films.

For products that cannot be sealed horizontally, such as liquid products or bulk goods, our tabletop vertical band sealer is suitable. It is adjustable in height and can therefore be adapted to different product dimensions.

For larger, filled bags, our vertical band sealer is used. Especially products that cannot be packed horizontally, such as liquids, powders and granules, can be welded very easily and reliably with this product. The sealing head can be adjusted vertically as well as horizontally by 90°. Another advantage of the device is that the conveyor belt speed can be synchronized with the sealing time.

Products that can be sealed horizontally are suitable for our horizontal band sealers. Materials such as PE, PP and various composite films can be sealed with this device. The packaging is horizontally sealed on this sealing machine. The integrated conveyor belt is 25 cm wide and 130 cm long and can be pulled forward by approx. 70 mm to also seal longer bags. The height of the entire conveyor belt can be adjusted. The temperature is adjustable up to 250°C.

Application examples: Food & non-food, industrial components, office supplies, packaging and logistics, pet food


Tabletop Vertical Band Sealer

  • vertical band sealer in table size including conveyor belt
  • vertical & height adjustable sealing head
  • user-friendly display with temperature indicator

Vertical Band Sealer

  • vertical band sealer including conveyor belt
  • inclinable sealing head for work in vertical and/or horizontal positions
  • height-adjustable conveyor belt and sealing head

Horizontal Band Sealer

  • integrated and height-adjustable conveyor belt
  • adjustable temperature up to 250°C
  • user-friendly display
  • adjustable bag infeed

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